My little Kingfisher


I have been humbled at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, kissed Wally, the giant humphead Maori Wrasse at the  Marine Base in the Great Barrier Reef, swam with sharks in the Great Southern Blight, feasted on rock-oysters and cray-fish at American River on Kangaroo Island, spotted the rare Little Kingfisher on the slopes of the crocodile infested Yellow River of Kakadu NP and surfed the sand dunes of Fraser Island.

But there is nothing (except perhaps the Little Kingfisher) I wouldn’t trade in for a star-studded  night-sky of Newnes, surrounded by the rising escarpment of the Wollemi National Park.

So may I hope now that the Covid-19 pandemic, which is expected to lead to an increase of domestic travel, will soon make my long-held dream come true? That I can show my guests a part of the Great Southern Island unknown to most.  Destinations in Sydney’s backyard that are not pinned on fading tourist maps adorning the walls of travel-agencies of New-York, Brussels or Munich?

So if you ever thought that now is perhaps a good time to book your next holiday in Australia, and to get re-acquainted with your native country, then please take a look at our Dingo Tours. Like the Explorers’ Discovery Tour of NSW – Gold, Wine & Wilderness!

Let us do the work, and get you to spend a holiday of a life-time. At home, for the price of a return airfare to Denpassar, Vanuatu or Las Vegas. You will love it more – money back guarantee.

Jelle, Randwick.

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