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The Dingo Tours Difference

Touring with Dingo Tours is a trip beyond the familiar; one that takes you into the very heart of Australia and helps you discover hidden gems in the wider Sydney area, and in New South Wales. What you’ll discover is not simply a tourist attraction or experience, but a joyful awareness that you're is not just on an ordinary trip. You're on an adventure,  

Discover the wonder of the road less traveled

A performance at the Sydney Opera House, supporting your local footie team at Moore Park, hiking in the Blue Mountains or the Kanangra Walls.  A Sydney Harbour cocktail cruise, the Manly to Spit Bridge Walk, wine tasting in the Hunter Valley or a yum cha lunch in China town. After 15 years of helping locals and visitors discover and enjoy activities like these, our tour organisers and trip leaders certainly understand why these are “musts” on anyone's trip itinerary. While with (or without!) Dingo Tours  you can participate in many of these and other of Australia's top attractions and activities, we also like to take you to many lesser known locales - unique and wonderfilled destinations and activities that few Australians - let alone overseas visitors - know as well as we do!

We also know that sometimes, the most extraordinary trip experiences occur in the most ordinary places - the unassuming country towns, homes and farms, local pubs, national parks, camping grounds and beaches that comprise the heart of what Sydney, and Australia is all about. Dingo Tours will take you off the tourist path, and even out of your comfort zone. Through unique activities that are built into your trip, you’ll enjoy personal connections that might only take a moment to form, but can last a lifetime in your memories. Connections with the locals, with nature. But also with your fellow travelers and participants who have all signed up to see what's there at AND beyond our cherished Aussie icons.


Small groups 

When you join a tour with Dingo Tours, you’ll travel in a small group of 6 -10 travelers, guaranteed. Slipping into the flow of life in the forest, town or city as a locals do it, you’ll get a more authentic view of Australia and its people. Want to go out to the kind of bars the locals go to? Clue: They’re not the same places listed in the traveler's mags! And as you explore natural habitats, you’ll tread softly, getting as close as possible to native wildlife. Your guide will be able to focus on your needs and give you the personal attention you deserve. Plus, you’ll revel in a level of spontaneity and camaraderie that just isn’t possible in big groups.

Meet us where we live, work and play

Many travelers rarely get to know many more Aussies outside the hotel staff, local merchants or commercial operators. Even longer term visitors - be it backpackers, overseas business executives or interstate newcomers - can find it hard to establish a local connection. With Dingo Tours you’ll meet locals from all walks of life, and benefit from the wealth of knowledge that comes with forging new friendships and personal connections. Share a barbie at their beach, shout a schooner at their pub or throw in a fishing line off their jetty. 

Knowledgeable guides 

Our tour organisers work hard behind the scenes to provide an absolute standout experience for you. But we know that the real standouts of any Dingo Tours experience are our dedicated guides, who will open the doors to new experiences and local areas for you. Our guides are all Australian citizens, and know very well the local areas you'll visit or activities you'll engage in. No-one can show you the true soul of a place better than an insider. Your guide’s wonderful command of local history, culture, and nature will enrich your experience. But what you will love about them is their sense of caring, their good humor, and the way their passion for their homeland enhances your own appreciation for it.

Travel safe, confident, and carefree

We like to think of our trips as adventures of the mind, body, and spirit. So while you should be in reasonable health to fully enjoy your trip, you needn’t be an athlete or rugged outdoors person. What can you expect with Dingo Tours ? Travel in luxurious and comfortable vehicles (Mercedes Sprinter or similar). Accommodations that are pleasant and comfortable. Experiences that are unusual and safe. Destinations that are exotic and welcoming. And choices for everything you do. We’ve inspected and tested everything, so all you have to do is relax, explore, and have a great time.

Well paced and balanced

It is the stuff of dreams: hugging a hot Irish Coffee around the camp fire by the Kangaroo river, watching the setting sun throw its rays on the frolicking dolphins in the surf of Port Stephens, smelling the freshly caught snapper being cooked on the barbie in front of the beach side cabin at Seal Rocks, seeing the wombats graze on the grassy planes of the Morton national park or sipping a Margarita while seeing the Sydney skyline set ablaze by the neon city lights. Dreams like this are everyday realities for Dingo Tours travelers thanks to the principles which ground every Dingo Tours adventure: value, choice, discovery and carefully paced itineraries.

Our value puts your travel dreams within reach

Dingo Tours can help you realize your holiday and weekend dreams for a lot less than you thought possible. Together with our many local organisers and guides we’ve been able to establish long-term relationships with many local vendors. Buying directly from them brings down our costs - and allows us to pass the savings on to you. And letting all our advertising and marketing run by word of mouth and social media also helps us to cut our overheads to offer the best value for all our tour participants.

The choice is yours

You’ll always have plenty of choices with Dingo Tours. We offer you a breadth of awe-inspiring activities, trip destinations and durations — from the bays of the NSW south coast, to the wilderness of the Wollomi and Blue Mountain NP to the rugged natural beauty of the Barrington Tops. You have plenty of choices within each adventure, too, including several interesting optional tours, optional dinners, accommodation or extended tour days.

Private discoveries that enrich and inspire

Being part of a private, small group allows for far more enriching and inspirational discoveries throughout a trip specially designed for you. You’ll experience local nature (and culture) in a meaningful and personal way - home hosted dinners in outback NSW, beach barbecues at Batemans Bay, artist studio visits in Sydney, pub stays in the Kangaroo Valley or learning the secrets of night prawning from the local fishermen at Pambula Beach. Anything is possible with a private tour.

Dingo Tours can brings you much closer to nature and wildlife, too - to the very edge of the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park, or eye to eye with grazing wombats in the Kanangra-Boyd National Park and migrating whales in Port Stephens. And since we’re not restricted to the main roads like the big tour buses, we can veer off the well-worn paths for spontaneous discoveries. Gaining personal insights from your hosts and sharing impressions with your small Dingo Tours group, you’ll emerge with a more meaningful perspective.


You don’t have to be a thrill seeker, marathoner, or mountain climber to enjoy an Dingo Tours adventure. You do, of course, have to be in good health and possess a reasonable level of fitness. After all, a lot of our exploring is done the old-fashioned way: on foot. But we carefully pace our adventures to allow people of many different ages and fitness levels to travel with us. And we always balance any hike with plenty of ‘down time’ to allow you to refresh and smell the roses.

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